Spring is here! Now's the time to prepare for Fall...

Spring is upon us, so now’s the time to prepare for Fall Fashion Week 2016.  Yeah, we know it...we’re weird!  But such as life, right? It’s the reality of the Fashion World, it’s our reality.  So, if you're fashion-world challenged, or if you're so not used to our own special brand of Fashion Subculture, well, deal. We are the eyes and ears of what’s hot and what will be hot years in advance, so we are weird in good way!

Anyway, if you’re a designer, boutique owner, model, make up artist, blogger, journalist, or multi-talented with two or more or all of above (good for you, btw :)), bring your talent  on over to the other side of the Hudson River right here in Jersey  City, New Jersey.  Jersey City Fashion Week is seeking sponsors and talent whom will complement our fashion brothers and sisters in New York City.  Fashion Week has become a universal language going beyond its Big 4 borders dressing the masses of all shapes, sizes and walks of life.

Thank God for fashion diversity! :) :) :)  We welcome the differences!

Jersey City Fashion Week is currently seeking:

SPONSORS-Businesses who’d like to invest in the great and wonderful and fun cause of JCFW.  To see a list of current JCFW sponsors, please see JCFW Sponsors.


What’s needed:
  • International, ready-to-wear, children’s designers and boutiques (if you represent both, GREAT!!!)
What’s required for submission of work:
  • Apply online by submitting AT LEAST 7 photos, your electronic portfolio, or your Web site address showcasing your work to date. Make all submissions to designers@dljsec.com.
  • Your portfolio should include a bio about yourself, your line and/or your boutique.
  • Also include the number of years you’ve been a designer and/or in business, and your social media links.
  • As a final touch, tell JCFW why it’s important to you to participate in Jersey City Fashion Week and insert a picture of yourself.
Other requirements:
  • A registration fee.
  • Designers and/or boutique owners signing a participation agreement with JCFW.


  • Model Castings yet To Be Announced.
  • JCFW is seeking male, female and plus size models 5’7 (preferable, but will accept the right face and bod if not 5’7”!  How cool is that?) and above.
  • You need to bring your own heels to casting.
  • Models have the option to sell tickets.
  • All models must sign a model agreement to participate.

To see more deets and requirements in applying for volunteer roles, make up artist slots, press and journalism slots, etc., please browse to: JCFW Register.

*** Remember, all the info that you’ve read here in my blog is not exhaustive, so please visit the  JCFW Web site for more info, pertinent instructions and contact info should you need to reach out to the very helpful staff.***

Happy Fashionista-ing!

xoxo & Stay Fabulous!


Laurie Perrone is an adorable Jersey girl and a contributing volunteer writer, blogger and Editor-In-Chief for This Jersey Girl's Career & Style Magazine writing about up-and-coming entrepreneurs in fashion, style and the creative arts.  Her top column is still This Jersey Girl in Manhattan,  formerly published by Maglomaniac Online Magazine

Perrone is also the Jersey City Fashion Week Correspondent covering everything Fashion Week, and featuring fresh Fashion Week talent in This Jersey Girl in Manhattans' sister column, This Jersey Girl's Fashion Week Special Edition, formerly published by Maglomaniac Online Magazine as well.

Perrone is an up-and-coming creative artist in her own right, as she also enjoys writing Christ-based, mental illness recovery juvenile and young adult fiction. Her breakout YA novel series is entitled The Fire in Grace. Catch a glimpse of Perrone's series by visiting her books page at The Fire in Grace.

You can follow indie author and fashion journalist Laurie Perrone at:

Perrone lives happily with her Italian Jersey boy husband John in Northern New Jersey.


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